Firefly Acres

Dilgard Frozen Food




Eden Church

Union Chapel

Old National Bank

Susan Aiello

Chad and Leslie Anderson

Drew and Staci Anderson

Debra Applegate

The Bottled Artist LLC

Catherine Atkinson

Ted and Gail Baker

Bob and Stacy Ball

Mutual Bank

Sandra Baron

J. Robert and Joanne Baur Foundation

Debbie Bennett

Joann Bennett

Joseph and Lisa Blalock

Marla Boatwright

John and Joannie Bonnet

David and Maren Breitwieser

Ball Brothers Foundation

Craig and Cynthia Buckles

Tri-County Builders Supply

Florence M. Bunning

Michael and Carla Burt

Robert and Priscilla Caldwell

Barbara and Daniel Canan

The Star Press Childrens Charities

Frederick Family Chiropractic, LLC

Commonway Church

First Presbyterian Church

Northview Church

Marilyn and Patrick Cleary

Jeremy and Pamela Close

Kenneth and Linda Close

Lindsay Coffman

Sara Coggins

Christopher Coleman

Delaware Community Foundation

Pridemark Construction

Sherri Contos

Theresa and David Coy

Pamela Craft

Kathryn Craig

Richard and Jacqueline Crist

Thomas and Lisa Davis

Wilbur and Cynthia Davis

Dean Demuyt

Sarah DeWitt

Benjamin Dickey

Jason and Julia Doffin

Cornelius and Mary Dollison

Jason Donati

Alicia Douglass

Kimberly and Ralph Dowling

JV Elwood LLC

Friends of Muncie Endurathon

Taurus Tool and Engineering

Nancy Eriksen

East Central Indiana Estate Planning Council

Bob Ewert

Michelle Faulkner

Jonathan and Elizabeth Feola

David and Lisa Ferguson

Madelyn Ferris

Primetrust Financial

Keep The Fire Ministries

Normandy Flower Shop Inc

Gannett Foundation

Steven and Karma Freeman

Ken and Barb Frost

David and Debra Fuller

Dale and Julie Fullhart

The James Fund

Brad and Erynne Gemberling

Mary Gemberling

Barbara and Jerry Fill

Anthony and Abbey Goodwin

Glenn Greiner

Daniel Grollimund

Riley and Denise Groover

Branda Hanning

Thomas and Sharon Harris

Steven and Kristen Herbst

Rick and Terri Lynn Heston

Al Holdren

Shirl Jasman

Maura Jasper

Jeff Johnson

Melissa Johnson

Michael and Jackie Jones

Leonard and Mary Kaminsky

Rick and Kristy Kelly

Jim Kennedy

Jon Mark Kern

Stew and Sherri Kerr

Katherina Konrath

Pamela Lane

Christine Larson

Willian and Robin Lett

Eric and Sarah Lindley

Laurie Lunsford

Sallie Mae

Liona Maine

Lindsey and Andrew Martin

Complete Masonry Services

Gary and Susan McCowan

James McDonald

Ozbun Media

Tyrone Miller

Christian Ministries of Del Co

Louise Morehourse

Donna Munchel

City of Muncie

Karen Murdock

Brandon Murphy

Steve and Lisa Murphy

Claudia Noble

Charles and Claudia Sursa


Dr. William and Glenda Noblitt

Exchange Club of Muncie

Toyota of Muncie

Community Foundation of Southern Indiana

Lee Ann Ogden

Anthony Burke Pantello

Alton Parker

Jeffrey and Jennifer Parsons

Kristina Paul

Daniel J. Peters, Jr

Alpha Omicron Pi

Scotty and Kathy Pretzsch

Glenn and Tara Proctor

Diary Queen of Muncie

Steven and Amy Reed

Robert and Amber Reed

Flat Land Resources

Central Restaurant Products

Gregory A. Retter

Jeff and Janelle Richards

Diana Roach

Debra Rolli

Genes Rootbeer Inc.

Champions For A Safe Community

George Saunders

Robert and Julie Scott

Carole Seals

Jessica Seamon

Kirk and Judi Shafer

Glenn and Deborah Shick

Ed and Maria Shirey

David Silva

Barry and Nancy Smith

Jonathon Smith

Joseph and Marcia Smith

Leslie Smith

Maryanne Smith

Randall Smith

Judy D St. John

Sonni Stevenson

Joe and Alison Strawmyer

Ontario Systems LLC

Danielle Terry

Fullhart Trucking LLC

Scott Truex

Michael B. Tschuor

Main Street United Methodist Church

Marilyn Vincent

Jody Walker

Samantha Whelan

Heidi Kay White

Willco Wholesale Dist, Inc

Lara Williams

Philip and Andrea Wills

Keith and Rani Richey Winiger

Alliance World Coffees

Edward Zeigler

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Rick and Amy Ziuchkovski