Where does Fresh Directions Get Their Food?

Fresh Directions Hot Meals for Kids is a volunteer powered program that prepares and delivers hot meals and healthy snacks to community centers and afterschool programs where food insecure children receive the academic, social, and emotional support to help them grow into thriving young adults.

The meals and snacks that Fresh Directions provides feature quality protein packed entrees, whole grain breads, and fresh fruits and vegetables. Bakery items such as yeast rolls, pumpkin muffins, oat bars with dried fruit, and granola to be served with yogurt are all baked from scratch. Entrees are made with quality, lean, low-fat proteins. Fresh fruits and vegetables are served in appealing, creative ways to encourage the students to explore new foods. These ingredients are purchased, harvested from local community gardens, and donated by local farmers.  Fresh Directions is made possible by volunteers who invest their time and energy to prepare and deliver the food to all of our meal and snack sites.

Fresh Directions Ingredients are:

  • Purchased
    • When logistically possible from local producers such as Muncee Meats and Fisher’s Meats.
  • Donated
    • Fresh Directions sources some bulk items from Muncie’s local food pantry, Second Harvest.
  • Rescued
    • Fresh Directions rescues and repurposes leftover and surplus ingredients from schools, Ball State University, and catered events.
  • Grown
    • Fresh Directions is the recipient of locally grown produce from community gardens, Church gardens, and local farmers.



Fresh Directions meals empower both the child who eats the meal and the staff at the community centers where Fresh Directions delivers. The “fresh” Fresh Directions speaks not only to the fresh ingredients and healthy menu items, but also to the resource of encouragement and empowerment offered to the staff at community centers where Fresh Directions delivers meals. Fresh Directions nutritious meals and wholesome snacks allow staff to spend their time and energy doing what they do best- serving at risk kids!