In terms of building upgrades at “The Hub”, we have recently put in spray foam insulation. In our Community Commons area, that we used to call “The Warehouse”, it’s been hot in the summer and cold in the winter. We have the support of CDBG (Community Development Block Grant from The City of Muncie) funds that have changed the environment completely. We now can put in a HVAC system. This means we can host people and events in an environmentally friendly space. When folks are eating, it will be warm when it’s supposed to be warm and cool when it’s supposed to be cool! This creates an atmosphere for folks to stay around and build relationships and hear the positive things “The Hub” has to share with them in order for empowerment to move forward in life and experience better opportunities

With the help of Ball Bros foundation, Inside Out was able to upgrade and install all new restroom facilities, including showers. The reason for the shower installation is not only for hosting groups of people through partner agencies and helping folks in the local neighborhood, but we are a member of COAD: Community Organizations Assisting in Disaster.  In the event of a local disaster, The Hub will be able to generate power and house and feed First Responders and the community.