Angelica Lasley

Angelica Lasley

Program Administrator, Fresh Directions Hot Meals for Kids

Meet Angelica Lasley at 20-something after a fierce game of family-reunion volleyball:

Angelica: “I despise competition because I want everyone to win. I want a world where everyone is nice to each other and no one keeps score.”

Befuddled cousin: “Nobody thinks like that except teachers and social workers.”

Calling discovered, Angelica became a bit of both.

Angelica Lasley is an Indiana native and longterm resident of Delaware County. She is married to William Lasley, with whom she shares two sons, William and Zechariah. Her passion and joy has always been in loving and serving others.

As a volunteer, Angelica has served the community throughout the years with Union Chapel, Habitat for Humanity, and Muncie Clean and Beautiful. In 2006, she found a tribe of people who shared her passion and faith at Blood n Fire ministries. For more the a decade, she has connected with the city of Muncie through BnF Ministries; it’s the place she often mistakenly refers to as “home.”

Angelica graduated summa cum laude from Anderson University with a BA in Elementary Education in 2012. Through the turbulent years of MCS, she taught Language Arts at Northside Middle School. While working as a teacher, she saw the needs of students in poverty went so much deeper than educational deficits; the students needed sustenance and connection.

When Inside Out Community Development Corporation launched Fresh Directions, Angelica was pleased to join the program’s summer staff between school years as a way to meet the needs of her students. In 2018, she left teaching to work full time with Inside Out as the Program Administrator for Fresh Directions.